Why let the unpredictability of weather ruin your plans?  A patio cover can save your summer, your entertaining plans, and so much more!

Patio Roof by Joyce What am I getting with a patio cover ? With a patio cover, or sometimes call patio roofs, it gives you the comfort of knowing you can still have your picnic, lounge in the back with a nice book, or have your cup of coffee without the hassle of rain or the brutal sun. Living on the East Coast means a lot of rain during our summer/ spring seasons. Last year the average rain fall was approximately 34.7 inches. Although that might sound great for your garden, its not so great when it comes to making plans. Don’t let yourself get caught in the rain, take cover now! What benefits does a cover offer? Staying inside because of the sun will no longer be an issue for you. Patio covers offer you a cooler spot in your yard to relax. Even the slightest shade gives you a chance to cool down. Also, by adding a few fans, you can keep the flow of air moving. Shaded areas give your body the relief you may need from the sun.  Sunlight carries UV rays that are not only harmful to your skin, but also to your furnitureExposure to water can cause rot on your wooden furniture and rust on metal onesWith covers you have more freedom to decorate your space with pillows, throws you otherwise wouldn’t expose to wet weather. Is it just for summer? Summer months go fast! So why get a cover for only a few months of the year? Our roof structures are designed for even those heavy snow loads.  It’ll stop the snow from covering your patio. Giving you the opportunity to enjoy a peaceful snowfall. Also, it is a plus if you have fur babies- it gives them a spot to go.! Patio covers give an enticing vibe and can potentially raise the value of your home. Learn more about our patio covers.