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Replacement Window Installation

To ensure energy efficiency, it is extremely important that an energy efficient replacement window is properly installed. This is especially true in the Pittsburgh, Western Pennsylvania area with our cold winters.

There are several factors that determine window installation: the exterior material of your home (brick, siding, wood, stucco, etc.), the type of window, the construction of the home (masonry, wood, etc.), and the type of weather-restrictive barrier, if any.

What is involved in the home replacement window process?

Replacing your windows can be broken down into 3 simple steps, and at Joyce we make the process as simple as possible:

  1. An exact project quote through a free, in home estimate from a Joyce Factory Direct of Pennsylvania design consultant.
  2. A re-measure by a Joyce professional installer after signing your purchase order to ensure a perfect fit.
  3. A Joyce professional installation crew will install your new, energy efficient replacement windows.

Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania common replacement window installation questions:

Is there an ideal time to replace my windows?

If you need windows, no matter the season, the best time to replace them is now. Even in Western Pennsylvania,  Joyce manufactures and installs windows and doors all year long. Our installers strive to only have one or two openings exposed at a given time to limit hot or cold air loss. Fortunately, any heat or cold loss that occurs during installation will be quickly made up by the energy efficiency of your new replacement windows.

How many windows can I have installed at once?

Joyce Factory Direct of Pennsylvania works with your schedule when planning a replacement window project . Whether you want to replace all of the windows in your whole home or replace in sections, we take our direction from you.  Joyce offers financing to assist homeowners who want to plan a larger replacement window project. To learn more about payment options and financing, click here.

How long will my home replacement window project take?

The average replacement window project takes approximately 4-6 weeks from the estimate to the installation process. If there are special manufacturing processes needed for a product or its during our peak season, this is subject to change.  Most window projects are completed within a day or two once the replacement windows are at your home.

Call Joyce Factory Direct of Pennsylvania today at 412-229-5037 to schedule your free, in home replacement window estimate. You can also fill out our online form.