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Storm Windows


Storm windows are designed to fit over top of an existing window to offer protection during cold, winter weather. In the Western Pennsylvania area, many older homes have storm windows. Although storm windows aid in insulating your home from the cold, there are drawbacks to consider.

High Maintenance

Not Energy Saving or Efficient

Put on/Remove Yearly

In the harsh Western Pennsylvania weather elements, your home will be much better insulated with energy saving, vinyl replacement windows. Even when storm windows are fitted, cold air will pass through gaps, no matter how small. Weather stripping and caulk can be used to lessen this effect, but not completely eliminate it, not to mention this requires maintenance. New replacement windows have an airtight seal that storm windows cannot stand up to.


Replacement Windows Advantages Versus Storm Windows:

  • Lower fuel bills created by high efficiency state of the art glass
  • Highest energy efficiency with the best insulating R values through composite reinforcement and optional foam filled components
  • No staining, scraping or painting replacement windows due to fully fusion welded vinyl frames
  • Coordinate design choices for curb appeal with the architectural style of your home
  • Every window manufactured and installed by Joyce to your exact specifications


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