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Add Additional Space and Light with Garden Windows


Imagine mid-winter in Western Pennsylvania and you are able to collect some fresh herbs from your garden, window garden that is. A kitchen garden made possible by a kitchen garden window that allows natural sunlight in to help grow your herbs and/or plants all year round.  Garden windows have a flat bottom and project out from the room, creating a perfect area to set plants on optional glass shelves to achieve optimal sunlight.

Enlarges a Room

Year Round Gardening Capability

Unique and Attractive Features

The trick to gardening year round in Western Pennsylvania is due to the attractive, yet functional, design of the garden window. The top has a tightly sealed, fixed pane of glass that allows sunlight in but keeps the elements out. Two side windows flank a central glass pane and can be opened for ventilation.


Advantages of Garden Windows and Replacement Garden Windows

  • Adds visual depth and usable space to any room with a garden window’s unique design
  • Gives your kitchen garden ventilation through the side windows and provides sunlight all year round
  • Custom and standard options available for your garden window
  • Protect against moisture from plants by adding a Corian sill
  • All garden windows made factory direct by Joyce


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