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Energy Efficient Windows


If your Western Pennsylvania home has very inefficient and/or old windows, the website recommends window replacement. They favor replacement over just trying to improve the energy efficiency of older windows. Replacement windows will pay for themselves and lower cooling/heating costs, possibly even lighting costs.

Improve your home’s comfort

Improve the look of your home

Improve energy efficiency by lowering heating and cooling costs

Energy Star, a label that designates superior energy performance using climate in homes and buildings, does not take into account your home’s design. Only an expert in the Western Pennsylvania area can help ensure you get the most energy saving, proper windows for your home.

Window frames and glass technology are the components that determine a window’s energy efficiency. Window frames conduct heat and affect a window’s U-factor. Glass technology and glazing are sophisticated methods to help a window retain energy. Joyce Factory Direct of Pennsylvania stays committed to their customers by staying on the cutting edge of this type of technology.

Minimize your heating, cooling, and lighting costs and make your Western Pennsylvania home energy efficient with properly installed energy-efficient windows.

Affiliations with Window Manufacturing

NFRC: National Fenestration Rating Council

The NFRC, or National Fenestration (window making) Rating Council serves the public and fulfills the needs of its private sector partners. They provide credible, fair, user-friendly and accurate information on window making and performance. We submit our products to earn certification in the fenestration industry through NFRC.

Energy Star

The U.S. EPA and the U.S. DOE sets strict energy efficient guidelines to help you save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We offer our customers Energy Star qualified products and practices.


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