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Casement Windows and Awning Windows: Full Ventilation and Versatility

What is a casement window? Casement, or awning, windows are the true work horses of replacement windows. Of all operating window styles, casement windows combine outstanding natural lighting and the highest energy efficiency rating. Homeowners often prefer casement windows in kitchens, bathrooms, and family rooms, where higher ventilation is desired.

Excellent Ventilation

Easy to Open and Operate

High Energy Efficiency

In the Pittsburgh area during the cold winter months, homeowners with casement windows  can enjoy the outside view without having to worry about high energy costs. Not only are awning windows highly energy efficient, they are also  designed and fabricated elegantly to allow more light to enter a room than other window styles.

In lieu of traditional, double hung windows, homeowners opt for casement windows when in need of a window in a difficult location. Some of these areas include over a kitchen sink or in a child’s room.  The ease of which awning windows open make them an ideal choice in these situations.

A popular choice for a game room or basement window is an awning window, very similar to a casement window. Awning windows are hinged along the top of the window frame. This makes them easy to swing open, provide air circulation, and allow light into the room, even when it’s raining outside.

Advantages of Awning and Casement Windows

  • Outstanding insulating properties to increase comfort at an affordable price
  • Easy to use and unobtrusive multi-point locking hardware and optional folding handle
  • Easily opened and operated in hard to reach areas, even with only one hand
  • Joyce can custom exterior color match all of their casement and awning windows in an array of styles, sizes, and colors
  • Casement windows can be installed anywhere with the choice of swinging right or left


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