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Specialty Shaped & Architectural Windows


Joyce Factory Direct of Pennsylvania can customize a variety of specialty windows and window shapes to truly make your home unique. Architectural style can be enhanced through palladian windows, octagons, trapezoids, half round windows, and many other window shapes. All specialty windows can be designed in several options and sizes.

Windows manufactured and designed by Joyce in specialty sizes

Enhance your home’s architectural style

Make a statement and improve curb appeal

Additional lighting can be added with an arched pane of glass, while an octagon window can become a visual focal point. You can make your Western Pennsylvania home unique with distinct architectural specialty windows.


Advantages of Specialty Shaped & Architectural Windows

  • A wide range of sizes and distinct styles
  • Lifetime warranty on all of our custom specialty windows
  • Whatever style of home, Joyce will design, manufacture, and install custom specialty windows to complement your home


Contact the window experts at Joyce Factory Direct of Pennsylvania at 412-229-5037 and schedule a free window estimate. You can also fill out our online form.

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