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Sliding Windows are the Largest Movable Window

Slider windows are increasingly popular in today’s homes because of their versatility. These replacement windows contain two moving sashes that slide parallel back and forth within the window frame. Gliders are sliders with two movable, operating panes, while others also have a single fixed pane in the center with sliding windows on either end. Sliding style windows provide the most glass area within an operable window. They are an outstanding choice any time you want operable windows and the opening is wider than it is tall.

Largest Glass Viewing Area

Tilt-in or Lift-out sashes allow easy cleaning year round

Minimum Maintenance

If you have shrubs or a patio just outside your window then opening casements are not practical.  Sliding windows are an excellent choice for these locations.  They allow ventilation without creating an obstacle in the area directly outside the window. Sliders are especially popular in the Charlotte area for dining rooms, living rooms and overlooking decks or backyards.


Sliding Window Advantages:

  • Tilt-in or lift-out sashes design  for easy cleaning
  • Larger, Longer Windows  with  effortless operation
  • Classic appearance and quality while still providing natural ventilation
  • Lifetime Warranty for all Joyce sliders
  • Many design options including decorative grids, color, and custom exterior color matching

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