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Picture Windows:  Perfect to Highlight Gorgeous Views


Highlight gorgeous views from your living room, dining room, or bedroom with a picture window.  Picture windows are stationary window that don’t open or close. At Joyce, we can manufacture replacement picture windows to fit whatever size opening you have in your home. Picture windows are a great way to bring nature in with plenty of natural light AND are extremely energy efficient because they do not open.

Energy Efficient

Made to fit any size

Optimal View and Light

Picture windows can give any room a beautiful natural focal point. It provides a wide uninterrupted view framed in an attractive vinyl frame. Relax in the comfort of your home while enjoying the changing leaves, your garden, or the snow falling. If you want to be able to bring in fresh air, Joyce can do a combination of a picture window with a casement or double hung window on either side.


Picture Window Advantages

  • Joyce can create a picture window to fit any opening
  • Create a distinctive window by combining different style windows
  • Save money on fuel costs with state of the art, high efficiency glass and window optional foam filled components with best R values insulation
  • Custom fit and design, manufactured just for your home for a perfect fit


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