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Casement Windows & Awning Windows – Full View & Ventilation

Casement windows have the highest energy efficiency rating of any window style that opens. Its crank operation makes it easy to use. The full window view allows brilliant natural lighting in.  Casement windows are called the work horse of replacement windows. Many homeowners select casement windows in rooms where ventilation is important, such as bathrooms, family rooms and kitchens.

Highest Energy Efficiency

Wonderful Ventilation

Crank Open for Easy Operation

During the summer months in the Charlotte area, there is no need to worry about cool AC escaping and/or high energy costs.  You can enjoy energy savings and be able to admire the view from outside…

In rooms where it may be difficult to open a traditional double hung window, such as over the kitchen sink, casement windows are a great choice.  Casement windows operate perfectly in these applications.

Similar to casement windows in operation are awning windows.  Hinged on the top of the window frame, they swing open.  An awning window’s design allows ventilation even while it is raining.  They are a perfect choice in rooms such as basements and family game rooms, while allowing the maximum natural light and air flow in.


Casement and Awning Window Advantages

  • One Hand Crank is easy to open and operate, no matter the location or size
  • Exceptional insulating properties for increased comfort at an affordable price
  • Clean appearance and performance with the unique operating sash design features a beveled exterior and recessed design.
  • Available in a variety of sizes, styles and colors (including custom exterior color matching) by Joyce Factory Direct.
  • Option to open from left- or right- allows installation of casement windows almost anywhere.


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