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Architectural & Specialty Shaped Windows


Joyce Factory Direct offers architectural and specialty shaped windows in a wonderful array of specialty sizes and options that will inspire you and make a home that is truly special. We can custom craft windows from trapezoids, octagons, Palladian, and half circle windows  to enrich your home’s architectural style and curb appeal.

Make a focal point

Custom Shapes and Sizes

Add curb appeal

You not only add visual interest and light to your home with a Joyce architectural window, you also create a stunning focal point.  It is a simple as adding a single circle window by itself or taking an ordinary window and making it extraordinary by adding a half circle over it.  Joyce architectural windows provide distinctive architectural interest and enhance your home.


Architectural & Specialty Shaped Window Advantages:

  • Specially designed to go with any home style from traditional to modern
  • Same exceptional lifetime warranty offered on all Joyce windows
  • Distinctive styles available in a wide range of sizes to fit every home


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