Window Installation with WinJet

WinJet Window Trim System is a revolutionary patented trim and installation system that can save your custom window treatments and window sills when traditional window installation can’t.  Replacement windows are great, except when they change the size of your window opening and then neither your window treatments or window sill fits.  Joyce Factory Direct offers more than one way to install your windows, which you gives you the best opportunity for the perfect install.

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Not All Window Installations Are The Same

Even the most energy-efficient window must be properly installed to ensure energy efficiency. With the cold winters and hot summers, it’s best to have a professional install your windows.

Window Installation

Window Installation

Window installation varies depending on the type of window, the construction of the house (wood, masonry, etc.), the exterior material (wood siding, stucco, brick, etc.), and the type (if any) of weather-restrictive barrier.  In certain situations, WinJet Trim System can be the perfect solution.  Your Joyce rep will advise you to as the best solution for your window installation.

What is the typical replacement window installation process like?

You will not believe how easy we make it. It really comes down to 3 easy steps:

– A Joyce Factory Direct design consultant will visit your home to give you an exact project quote (free of charge).

– After you sign your purchase order, a Joyce professional installer will re-measure every opening (so you can be sure to get a perfect fit).

– Your window will be installed by Joyce professionals and you’ll start saving on those energy bills.

WinJet trim system does not add any steps into the installation process.  Our Joyce professionals are experts in both a traditional installation and the new WinJet trim installation.

When is the best time to replace my windows?

Winter Installation Can Happen In The Winter

Window Installation Can Happen In The Winter

Summer or winter, if you need windows, the best time is now. Joyce Factory Direct installs windows and doors all year round. During extreme temperatures (hot or cold), our installers will work to only have one or two openings exposed at a time to prevent as much heat (or cold air) loss as possible. Any energy (hot or cold air) loss is typically made up for in a day or two with your newly installed windows.

Can I install only a few windows at a time?

Certainly, many times homeowners prefer to do windows in segments or as part of other home improvement projects. When it comes to installing replacement windows, Joyce will work with you to make sure your schedule of new windows comes at your direction.

How long does it take for my home window installation project to be done?

Window Installation System Preserves Window Treatment

Window Treatment Still Fits

Start to finish, the average project takes 4-6 weeks. This is subject to change during peak season and with certain products that are subject to special manufacturing processes. Once the windows are at your home, most projects are completed in a day or two.

Always a FREE Estimate!

Our approach is to send a design consultant to your home (at no charge).  During your FREE appointment, a Joyce expert will show you your product of interest, provide information and leave you with a detailed QUOTENot an estimate, but a quote for the real cost of your project.

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