• Sunrooms: A Multi-Functioning Space?

    Sunrooms: A Multi-Functioning Space?

    Sunrooms are a multi-functioning space and are a great way to expand the living space of your home.  They can serve as an extra space for your family and friends.  Here’s a sunroom story about the designing and building of a sunroom that needed to be multi-functional and tailored to the family’s needs. Last spring,

  • Sunroom: Summer Decorating Ideas

    Summer has arrived!  Why not update your sunroom to reflect it with these easy sunroom summer decorating ideas?  Making some minor changes in your room’s decor will reflect this change in season.  It doesn’t take a lot of time or money to make these changes, just your imagination, a glass of lemonade and the spirit

  • Sunroom Design Ideas

    Sunroom Design Ideas

    Imagine the possibilities!   There are a wide range of directions we could go with this subject.  For now we’ll just discuss just a few.  A sunroom is a versatile room that can be built a number of ways depending on your style, existing home and use for the room.  The roof style of the sunroom

  • Many, Many Benefits of Sunroom Additions

    Many, Many Benefits of Sunroom Additions

    Homeowners these days are looking for as many benefits as possible from their room additions, which is why sunroom additions are becoming increasingly popular. If you’re in need of additional space, a sunroom can fit the bill rather nicely. Here are just a few benefits of sunroom additions you should consider. Multitude of Uses for Sunroom

  • How Much Does a Sunroom Cost? [Part 2]

    How Much Does a Sunroom Cost? [Part 2]

    The question “How Much Does a Sunroom Cost” is a difficult one to answer because it is dependent on so many factors and variables. In Part 1 we discussed size, foundation as well as location and attachment. But these are far from the only determining factors when trying to sort out how much a sunroom

  • All Season Sunrooms Extend the Livable Space of Any Home

    All Season Sunrooms Extend the Livable Space of Any Home

    Are the walls of your home closing in on you?  Are you running out of space to rest and relax?  It is definitely time to expand the livable space of your home.  There are several options to consider for creating extra square footage.  If you are looking for a space to watch the big game,

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