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Sunroom Installation


As with any building project, the installation is exciting and ambivalent at the same time.  You’re excited to get your sunroom built, but if you don’t know what to expect, it can lead to anxiety.  At Joyce Factory Direct, we want you to be informed throughout the entire process.

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How to Build a Sunroom:

Although building a sunroom is different and unique to each home, the process is generally the same.  The first step involved is measuring and design engineering.  Creating a “blue print” of your room and just how all the structural elements will work together.  Next, we will apply for all the appropriate building permits needed from your particular city, township or municipality.

Once everything is set to go, our expert sunroom builders will begin the preparations for your new sunroom.  This part of the process varies greatly based on the area in which your sunroom is being built.  You may need a concrete pad, new posts secured for your deck, etc.  This part of the process is the foundation of your sunroom and although it’s not the fun part, it is highly necessary.

Since we manufacture your sunroom in our own factory, right here in the Cleveland area, your materials for your room are at our finger tips. So then we finally get to the fun part, your sunroom walls start to go up!  Now, you can finally see how it’s really going to look.  With the walls going up, the sunroom builders will turn their attention to the roof and tying the roof structure to your home.

Finally, the final touches are addressed – shingling the roof, putting in the HVAC unit, completing the back wall of your sunroom, etc.  Once all completed, it’s your turn to transform the room into “the best room of the house”!


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