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Vinyl Siding Installation


Vinyl siding installation should be done by professionally trained vinyl siding contractors. Experience and the proper materials are vital to the finished look and performance of vinyl siding.

VSI Certified Installers

Proper equipment and experience

Dow housewrap system

The Vinyl Siding Institute, or VSI, highly recommends that a VSI Certified Installer perform your siding installation. A VSI installer has a mandatory one year of experience installing vinyl siding, as well as successful completion of a required course and exam. Joyce Factory Direct of Pennsylvania is proud to install your house vinyl siding with VSI Certified Installers.

An unseen benefit of vinyl siding is its ability to actually lower your energy costs. Using a Dow housewrap system, your home is wrapped like a blanket with insulation. This added insulation will make you and your family more comfortable and warm during harsh, Western Pennsylvania winters, as well as save you money!

Any home improvement requires the correct equipment matched with experience. We offer the confidence and reassurance that our VSI Certified Installers will get the job done quickly and professionally using the right knowledge and equipment.


Advantages of Vinyl Siding Installation by Joyce Factory Direct of Pennsylvania:

  • Knowledge of Pennsylvania building requirements
  • Skill in working with all vinyl siding styles and accessories
  • Experts in prepping your home with a Dow housewrap system
  • Professional, experienced VSI Certified Installers


Call Joyce Factory Direct of Pennsylvania today to schedule your free in home estimate with a vinyl siding expert at 412-229-5037. You can also fill out a form today!

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