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Gutter Protection


Clogged gutters can have damaging effects on your home’s foundation and roof. Keeping your Western Pennsylvania gutters free of debris and leaves can be a challenge.

Eliminate gutter cleaning

Choose from a variety of colors

Allow water to flow and move freely

With gutter protection or gutter guards, you can protect your home, foundation, and roof, no matter the season. Gutters will pull away from your home if they are weighed down by excess water, leaves and debris. Havoc will be created with your foundation if excess water accumulates. Clogged gutters are not able to remove this excess water away from  your home.

Getting out a ladder, moving it along, and attempting to clear your gutters year after year can be dangerous! Often times, especially if you have a two story home, it requires two people  for safety reasons.  A gutter protection system will save you money, time, and danger.


Gutter Protection Advantages from Joyce Factory Direct of Pennsylvania

  • Deflect debris away and allow water to flow freely
  • Fits on new or existing gutters (5” or 6”)
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • 6 popular colors to choose from
  • Lifetime warranty


Call Joyce Factory Direct of Pennsylvania today to schedule your free estimate with a vinyl siding and gutter guard expert at 412-229-5037. You can also fill out a form online!

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