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Vinyl Siding Features


The first thing neighbors will notice and comment on is the color.  The features of vinyl siding is what you will love the most.  Vinyl siding is not just the initial curb appeal.

Thickness Matters

Testing and More Testing

Energy Efficient

A key feature of quality siding is thickness.  Thickness is directly related to longevity and aesthetic appeal.  Siding that appears to be bowing or buckling is usually a builder grade thickness vinyl siding.  Our thicker vinyl siding is more durable and looks better longer.

How do we know that our vinyl siding will work for homes in the Charlotte area?  Testing!  Testing is the only way to know how the vinyl siding will respond in the Carolinas summers and high winds.  Testing is the only way to know how the vinyl siding will respond to hail, hot temperatures and winds.

One of the best properties of vinyl siding is the Dow housewrap system. It serves as a blanket of installation to wrap your home in before the siding goes on.  The Dow housewrap system can lower your energy bills by as much as 40%. This saves you money and makes your family more comfortable in the Carolina hot summers and colder winters.


Vinyl Siding Features Advantages from Joyce Factory Direct

  • Solid CoRe Siding is over 20 times better insulating than fiber cement
  • Solid CoRe Siding also reduces noise by up to 45% so you can enjoy peace and quiet while inside
  • Solid CoRe features an exclusive moisture management system to protect your home
  • Lifetime Warranty


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