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Slider windows are extremely versatile and are increasingly popular in today’s homes. These replacement windows feature two moving sashes that slide horizontally back and forth within the window frame. Some sliders (also known as gliders) have two movable, operating panes, while others also have a single fixed pane in the center with sliding windows on either end. No other style gives you as much glass area within an operable window. Vinyl sliding replacement windows are also an excellent choice any time you want operable windows but have a window opening that is wider than it is tall.

Sliding windows are especially popular for areas where casements windows aren’t practical. If you have shrubs just outside your windows or the windows are above a patio, sliders can be an excellent choice. They allow ventilation without creating an obstruction in the area directly outside the window. Sliders are especially popular in Northern Ohio for dining rooms, living rooms and overlooking decks or back yards.

Large Viewing Area

Easy to Clean Year Round

Low Maintenance

Sliding Window Advantages:

> Sliding windows that feature tilt-in or lift-out sashes for easy cleaning year round

> Easy, effortless operation for longer, larger windows

> Natural ventilation without sacrificing good appearance and quality

> Joyce sliders come with a lifetime warranty

> Endless feature options including decorative grids, color, custom exterior color matching and more

> We are the manufacturer providing you peace of mind

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