Replacement Window Styles

Replacement window styles direct from the factory. All styles from double hung, casement, garden windows, bay or bow windows, and more. The style of your windows is what make your home unique.  We can replace the style you currently have, or even change them to a new style!  The type of window can improve not only your homes energy efficiency, but your curb appeal too.  We offer a huge selection of styles, colors, glass packages and options.

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Our replacement windows are available in many styles and standard and custom sizes for all types of homes. Replacement windows not only add beauty and resale value but it’s an energy-efficient investment that lasts for years. If you are not sure what kind of window style to get, here is a little about the different styles of windows.

Double Hung Style Replacement Windows

White Double Hung Replacement Windows

Replacement Windows

Double hung windows are the most popular style of windows used in the U.S. Their classic good looks make them an excellent choice for any style of home.





Sliding Replacement Windows

Replacement Window Style | Sliding Windows

Energy Efficient Sliding Windows

Sliding windows, or sometimes called slider windows, are extremely versatile and are increasingly popular in today’s homes. These windows feature two moving sashes that slide horizontally back and forth within the window frame.

Casement & Awning Windows

Casement windows are the work horses of replacement windows. They combine ease of use with exceptional natural lighting and the highest energy efficiency rating of any operating window style.


Picture Windows

Picture Window Style

Picture Window Fall View

If you have gorgeous views from your living room, dining room, or bedroom, picture windows are the perfect way to highlight them. A picture window is a stationary window that doesn’t open or close. At Joyce, our picture windows are custom manufactured to fit whatever size opening you have in your home.

Bay and Bow Style Windows

Bay and Bow windows are a beautiful way to add visual depth and architectural interest to your home. These beautiful windows are designed by connecting three or more individual windows together in an arched or angled curve along one wall. The beauty of bay and bow windows is how they can transform a room.


Garden Windows

Garden Window One Style of Replacement Windows

White Garden Window

Imagine growing your own herbs right in your kitchen or coaxing potted flowers to bloom indoors year round. Garden windows give you the perfect spot to grow your favorite plants in the comfort of your home.




Architectural & Commercial Window Styles

Joyce offers architectural windows in a wonderful array of specialty replacement window styles and sizes that will inspire you. We can custom craft a variety of windows that will enhance your home’s architectural style, including trapezoids, octagons, palladians and circle top windows.

Always a FREE Estimate!

Our approach is to send a design consultant to your home (at no charge).  During your FREE appointment, a Joyce expert will show you your product of interest, provide information and leave you with a detailed QUOTENot an estimate, but a quote for the real cost of your project.

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