Replacement Window Features

Virtually maintenance free, our vinyl windows offer many exclusive replacement window features for superior energy efficiency and ease of operation. We manufacture our own windows right here in our own factory and we thrive on always having the most cutting edge features on our products.

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Replacement Window Features For Safety


Heavy Duty Cam Lock Replacement Window Feature

Heavy Duty Cam Lock

Having safety window features not only can help protect your family, it can provide you with a peace of mind.  For that reason, we offer the following features for our windows.

Heavy duty cam locks are pick resistant and secures sashes with necessary weather protection.


Dual Vent Locks Replacement Window Feature

Dual Vent Locks

Dual vent locks which allow windows to remain partially open. That is to say, it prevent further opening from the outside.




Composite Reinforcement Replacement Window Feature

Composite Reinforcement

Composite Reinforced lock and keeper rail (standard on Heritage series).  This provides strength and rigidity, 730 times better than aluminum!  As well, it is non-conductive with superior insulation.


Replacement Window Features for Energy Efficiency


Foam Filled Replacement Window Frame

Foam Filled Replacement Window Frame

Foam Filled Vinyl Frames:  Optional polyurethane insulating foam filled vinyl frames and sashes for additional insulation and energy efficiency.  In addition, restricts heat and cold transfer.


Heritage Window Series Magna Seal Feature

Magna Seal

Magna Seal (Heritage Series only):  An ultra tight magnetic seal (like your refrigerator door), keeping the cold out.


Window Features for Ease of Operation


Tilt in Replacement Windows

Tilt in Windows

Tilt-in Sashes:  Provide an easy way to clean your windows from the inside, any time of the year.  Available on double hung windows and slider windows (0ptional).




Recessed Tilt Latches on Replacement Windows

Recessed Tilt Latches

Recessed Tilt Latches:  Simply engage the latches to tilt in each window sash, easy to operate (ergonomic).


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