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Patio Doors


Sliding patio doors and French patio doors let in tons of light and are a great and stylish way to exit your home onto a patio or deck area.  Patio doors are popular in Western PA homes as we like to spend time outside on our decks and patios with friends and family.

Smooth and Quiet

Tempered Safety Glass


Sliding patio doors have improved of the past years with increased energy efficiency, smooth and easier sliding doors and increased selection of features.  Sliding patio doors can have a multiple configurations from 2 panels to 4 panels with options for the panels to slide either left or right.

French patio doors in general have one panel that remains stationary and a door side that opens and closes like regular doors on hinges. One advantage to French patio doors is that when both sides are open, it gives you a nice expand to move large items, like furniture, through it. Also, with no track to slide on, the threshold sits at a much lower level like a regular door, which is a bit easier to step over.


Joyce Advantage for Patio Doors:

  • Our sliding patio doors operate smoothly and quietly, with an effortless glide that makes them easy to open and close with just one hand.
  • Top quality, energy efficient glass improves your home’s interior comfort year round.
  • Reduces air and sound infiltration.
  • Dependable, long lasting beauty.
  • Top quality hardware and steel reinforcement provide superior security and performance for your family.
  • Virtually maintenance free.