Garden Window in Kitchen

Garden Windows:  A Unique Feature

Imagine growing your own herbs right in your kitchen or coaxing potted flowers to bloom indoors year round in your window garden. Garden windows give you the perfect spot to grow your favorite plants in the comfort of your home. These attractive windows protrude out from the room and feature a flat bottom with optional glass shelves where you can arrange your own plants to give them lots of sunlight all year long.

Garden windows feature a central glass pane flanked by two side windows that can be opened for ventilation. The top of the garden window is also a fixed pane of glass that’s tightly sealed and allows optimal natural sunlight to reach your plants.  A treat to grow your own herbs year round.

Gardening Year Round

Expands The Room

Creates A Unique Feature

Garden window with wood trim

Garden Window Above Kitchen Sink

Garden Window Advantages

> Optional operating side windows increase the versatility of your garden window and provide ventilation

> Standard and custom garden window options available

> Joyce garden windows are factory direct and made in our own facility in Ohio

> Unique design quickly adds usable space and visual depth to any room

> Add a Corian sill to protect against moisture from plants

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