Casement windows are the work horses of replacement windows. What is a casement window? It combines the ease of use with exceptional natural lighting and the highest energy efficiency rating of any operating window style. Many homeowners prefer casement windows in rooms where ventilation is crucial, such as bathrooms, family rooms and kitchens.

During the winter months, you’ll love being able to admire the view outside your windows without worrying about the energy costs. No other operating window is as energy efficient, yet casement windows also let in more light than many other styles due to its elegant design and fabrication.

Casement windows are also popular where homeowners need windows that are easy to open despite its awkward location. This style of window is perfect for over a kitchen sink, in a child’s room, or wherever it may be difficult to lift a traditional, double hung window.

Awning windows are very similar to casements, but they are hinged along the top of the window frame, allowing you to swing the window open. Awning windows are very popular for basement family and game rooms or in locations where ventilation is desired even when it’s raining. They allow natural light into the room and can be opened to provide air circulation.

High Energy Efficiency

Great Ventilation

Easy to Open

Casement and Awning Window Advantages

> Easy to open and operate with one hand, even in hard to reach places

> Optional folding handle and multi-point locking hardware is easy to use and unobtrusive

> Exceptional insulating properties for increased comfort at an affordable price

> Unique operating sash design features a beveled exterior and recessed design for maximum performance and a clean appearance

> Joyce casement and awning windows are available in a variety of sizes, styles and colors

> Choice of left or right swinging casement window means you can put them almost anywhere

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