How many out there look at the glass half empty and not half full?? When you see an advertisement to sign up for a “Giveaway” or you’re approached at an area attraction, do you think, “No way, I never win!” or do you think to yourself, “What the heck? Might as well, you never know.” Well, that’s what Tim D. did. He saw the Joyce Factory Direct sunroom trailer at an outdoor RV show and thought how much he loved his mom’s sunroom on the back of her house and it brought back great memories. So he thought just what if….just maybe we could have one too. He signed up for the $10,000 giveaway. He went ahead and had a Joyce representative come to his home to give him a free in-home estimate. He got his answer and said, let’s just hope I win. Tim’s cell phone rang months later and his wife Cheryl picked it up. He was not home and the voice on the other end said, “You’re our Big Winner!” Well, Cheryl looks at the glass half empty and always thinks we’ll never win. She didn’t believe the voice and even began to argue with them. Finally, they had to give her the president’s phone number so they could verify their winnings. Tim didn’t return the call until the next day. IT WAS TRUE – THEY WON! The Joyce VP was there within two days. Tim told him “It was a miracle” this happened. Two weeks prior, he was just telling his wife how bad their wood siding on the house was and they were going to have to replace it. So, Tim now had a decision to make, “do we go with a sunroom and pay some extra money or do we do the practical thing and take the siding.” The decision was easy and they went with the vinyl siding.  They could look forward to less maintenance than the old wood siding! Now the fun began, or stress, as to what color scheme to pick and the type of vinyl siding. They decided to go in a different direction with an updated look for more curb appeal. Tim chose the Royal Crest 5” Dutch lap siding with 3/8” polar wrap insulation. It had a nice profile to it unlike the old wood siding, but the new choice gave a little dimension to the look to the ranch house. Vinyl siding typically runs horizontal, unlike their current vertical wood siding. With that approach, it visually lengthens their ranch style home. His color choice was the Brownstone with accent fascia in Forrest and the installers capped the entry door and windows in the white to match his windows. Since he had recently got a new roof and gutters, he reused the existing gutters and his shutters. JFD also gave him new gable vents and dryer vent. Tim even went as far as matching the new siding color with Sherwin Williams paint, and painted the front of his detached garage to make it look the same. He plans on using the “little extra” money from his winnings to buy additional siding and redo the garage in the next year. So the crews came at the beginning of September and finished the job in 3 days. Tim and Cheryl were so amazed how efficient, clean and hard working the crew was. They were so accommodating when it came to other details. The installers even went the extra mile and installed his new light fixtures he bought for the outside of the house. So now this family is enjoying their new siding as the winter months approach. Tim even said he just had four windows replaced prior to the Joyce phone call. He wished he knew JFD manufactures vinyl replacement windows, because he would have purchased them from Joyce based on his great experience with them. He is now referring family and friends when they have a need for any home improvement project to Joyce Factory Direct because of his positive experience.