A replacement window lets you change the look and feel of your home, but only if you choose the type that best fits your needs. Eight types of replacement windows offers a unique look and feel, advantages and disadvantages. Choosing the right window may challenge you, but you can narrow your choices with some basic knowledge of the type of windows available to you.

Here are the more common types of replacement windows to get you started.

Single and Double Hung Windows Double Hung windows have at least one moveable window element (or sash) that you can slide up or down to let some air into the room. Some windows let you tilt the sash as well for even more ventilation. They are perfect for small rooms, kitchens, offices, bedrooms, bathrooms, and extensions for picture windows. http://www.joycefactorydirect.com/blog/double-hung-windows/

Single hung windows only have one moveable sash. Double hung windows have two, and are more common and versatile. You can place them in any room to increase the overall architectural design of the building

Picture or Fixed Windows


Picture Window Fall View Providing an uninhibited view of the outdoors, picture or fixed windows have a single fixed pane of glass that you cannot move. Combined with movable windows and patio doors, picture windows open up your room like no other type of window can. They are perfect for dining rooms, living rooms, and large foyers. You can use them in any style of home that can handle large feature windows to the outsid

Awning Windows

Perfect for patios and bedrooms, awning windows exist to give you privacy while still letting light in to the room. You can open them slightly from the bottom to all ventilation as well. More common in commercial buildings and schools, awning windows are not aesthetically pleasing, but they are great windows for when looks are not as important such as side rooms and above doors.

Casement Windows

Perfect for hard-to-reach places, you crank open casement windows instead of sliding them up and down. This makes them the ideal windows for over sinks, appliances, and counter tops. Simple and easy to use, casements work well next to other types of windows to add extra light and fresh air to your room.

This image is a combination of a casement window on top and awning window below.

Slider Windows

Slider windows offer clear views of the outdoors with excellent lighting and ventilation. Also known as gliding windows, most slider windows have a single sash that moves across a fixed one, though you get them with multiple slashes for even greater ventilation control. Appropriate for more modern styles of homes, slider windows work great in limited external spaces.

Bay Windows

Bay windows bring a touch of the outdoors in to any room. Bay windows offer a wide open look with superior lighting with multiple views. Popular for kitchens, master bedrooms, and family rooms, you can even open their sides for ventilation. These windows fit well in Victorian style homes to increase the size of a room by up to 5 feet. You can even point these windows inwards to remove that space if necessary. You can also replace each window element with any other type of window to create a unique style for your home.

Bow Windows

Similar to bay windows, bow windows have slightly curved profiles that increase the space of rooms. Generally constructed from four or more casement windows, bow windows have two movable sashes and two fixed ones. They also let more light through than any other type of window improving the overall architectural look of your home in the process.

Garden Windows

Garden windows jut out into your yard or another exterior area. They look like bay windows with an additional slanted window element on top. They contain several versatile shelves you can use for anything including small indoor gardens or display cases for cases or other home accessories. They also add light, fresh air, and work great in your kitchen over your sink or anywhere you want a small greenhouse to add architectural value to your home and property.

Finding the perfect replacement window for your home can be a challenge, but now you have armed yourself with the knowledge of the types of windows that are available.  Within each of these style of replacement windows, there are a nice array of features to select to customize the look of your home.


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