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Bathtub Remodeling


You have tried every cleaning product and a lot of elbow grease but you still find yourself with a bathtub that is stained and scratched. Joyce Factory Direct offers a permanent, easy solution for your bathtub remodeling and replacement project.

Low maintenance

Non-porous acrylic

Variety of bathtub bases

Attempting to resurface the bathtub is a possibility, but it does have limitations.  The chemicals used to create the resurfacing product can be hazardous and smelly.  In addition, it tends to have a short life span, only putting a band aid on the problem.  Resurfacing also only comes in solid colors and you can’t change or update the shape of your tub.

When it comes to the bathroom, low maintenance is the only way to go.  The non- porous acrylic walls and inserts are mold and mildew resistant, there is no place for it to grow.  The system eliminates the need for grout, making it even easier to keep clean and like new.  They come in a variety of colors and/or patterns, which looks great.

Another consideration with bathtub remodeling is the style of bathtub base.


 The Joyce Factory Direct Advantage to transform your bath

  • Wide selection of colors and patterns to fit any style.
  • Easy-to-maintain and mold resistant, will not crack, chip, or peel –thickest acrylic tub sheet in the industry.
  • Every bath is custom manufactured & installed for a perfect fit (compared to a one size fits all product).
  • State of the art tub and shower base replacements.
  • Optional accessories: soap caddies, shelves, grab bars, fixtures and more.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Professional installation guarantees a clean custom look.


Call 704-285-7400 to schedule a free estimate with the bathtub and shower professionals at Joyce Factory Direct of the Carolinas.  Or fill out our online form now.



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