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The best way to ease your mind and set aside questions for renovating your bathroom is knowing what is involved.   As with any project, each house is unique and can present many different issues.  Here is what most projects involve once you decide to move forward with your bath or shower installation.

Final Measure to order materials

Removal existing bath or shower

Install the base


Install the walls

Homeowners have many choices and options in hardware.   People of all ages, not just elderly, injured, or disabled, benefit from grab bars.  You are more likely to have an accident in the home than on the road or in industrial settings. It is up to the homeowner the number of grab bars installed.  Even non-slip seating is also a growing popular option available.

Attention to detail is a hallmark of a professional.   A new shower will look as if it was built with the house.  A Joyce Factory Direct installation will be smooth with no mess left behind.  Joyce Factory Direct will work with you for the best experience and stay within your budget.

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