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Knowing what is entailed in renovating your bathroom can help ease your mind and set aside questions.  As with any project, each house is different and can present many different issues. 

One of the hallmarks of a professional is attention to detail. A new shower will look as if it had been in the house from the beginning. The installation will be smooth with no mess left behind. One of the hallmarks of Joyce Factory Direct is their attention to homeowners’ budgets and their willingness to work together for the best experience.   So, here is a very general idea of what will happen once you decide to move forward with your bath or shower installation.

Step 1 – Measure

Step 2 – Removal and Base Insertion

Step 3 – Plumbing and Walls

Homeowners should also know they have a choice of grab bars and various hardware selections. Even folks who are not elderly, injured or disabled benefits from grab bars occasionally. More accidents happen in the home than on the road or in industrial settings. The number of grab bars installed is up to the homeowner, while non-slip seating is available also.


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