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Window Company Moves Operations to Local Corporate Headquarters

After more than 50 years of building top-quality sunrooms, Berea-based Joyce Factory Direct has become Cleveland’s only manufacturer of both sunrooms and windows.  In October of 2008, Joyce Manufacturing (parent company of Joyce Factory Direct) purchased a window manufacturing company in Boardman, Ohio to compliment its line of sunrooms.  Joyce Manufacturing distributes nationwide to a dealer network comprised of remodelers, builders and contractors. Joyce Factory Direct is the retail division of Joyce Manufacturing. In the fall of 2009, it was decided to move the window company to the Berea facility.  After months of planning, preparation and moving of equipment, the manufacturing plant is fully operational and now fabricating both windows and sunrooms under one roof in the 125,000 square feet facility located in Berea, Ohio.

This move is a great advantage for both the local economy and all our Joyce Factory Direct consumers.  Other companies might say they are factory direct, but Joyce Factory Direct is the factory.  Open to the public, customers can visit and tour the factory, meet the people making their windows or sunrooms and feel good knowing not only are they getting a top quality product but they are supporting a local business and local families.