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Joyce Factory Direct Family & Friends Referral Program

Our best source of new business is from previous customers. When your friends, neighbors, relatives or business associates see and hear about our work on your home – it creates interest and many customers call every year.

Family & Friends Program for ANY Current or Past Customer

A great company cannot exist without awesome customers, like you!  We are excited to tell you about a program to reward YOU for being a part of the Joyce Factory Direct family:  Joyce Family & Friends! An awesome referral program designed to not only put MONEY back in your pocket, but to enjoy area discounts, savings and more!

Here’s just a few of the Rewards for the Family & Friends program:

Up to DOUBLE referral dollars

    • Potential to earn hundreds of dollars!  Really!

Savings in the Best Benefits Club

    • Instantly unlock the door to hundreds of discounts and savings for area restaurants, hotels and amusements parks and more across the U.S.!

Joyce Cash

    • Constantly earn cash points for yourself!

Quarterly Awesome Prizes

And we mean AWESOME!


Family & Friends Program Perk #1 (of many)

Extra Referral Dollars

As a customer, we are hope you are already aware of our referral program and the opportunity to put money back into your own pocket!

Get this, you can earn up to double the referral dollars! As you become more involved in the program and easily make your way up, you will receive double the referral rewards for every referral!  That gives you an easy opportunity for up to $350 for EACH referral!


Family & Friends Program Perk #2 (of many)

Best Benefits Club

As a member of Joyce Family & Friends you are automatically a member of Best Benefits Club.  The Best Benefits Club offers hundreds of discounts to area events, businesses, amusement parks and much more.  In addition, you can save up to 50% on Benny’s weekly deals!

ATTENTION: Your first time accessing the new website you will need to create your own username and password. Once on the Best Benefits Club page, you can click on the Login tab and then register using your password from your magnet as the Activation Code. Once you register, allow up to one business day for your new account to become active. Your newly created unique username and password will allow you to access the members-only areas of the website. Recovery of forgotten passwords is easy using the “Forgot your password” link. You can also update your profile using the link located in the footer of the website.

Access the Best Benefits Club here.


Family & Friends Program Perk #3 (of many)

Joyce Cash

Joyce Cash helps you earn money from not only your purchase(s) but any of your referral’s first purchase! On your purchases, we give you 1% of your purchase in the form of JFD Dollars. For any referral purchase, we give you the following:

Small Sold Job ($1,000 – $2,500) = $50 JFD Dollars
Medium Sold Job ($2,501 – $7,500) = $100 JFD Dollars
Large Sold Job ($7,501 and up) = $150 JFD Dollars

As you easily move up in the levels, you can earn double the Joyce Cash!

You can cash-in your Joyce Cash Points at any time to use as cash for a new project with Joyce Factory Direct.

Restrictions & limitations: Minimum purchase of $3,000 to $5,999, to use $1 to $500 Joyce Cash.  Minimum purchase of $6,000 to use $501 and up in Joyce Cash.  Joyce Cash not available for any purchase under $3000. Use of Joyce Cash to pay for new projects only. If you want to cash-in your Joyce Cash, we must have this information on the original contract.

Your Joyce Cash Points never expire, unless you choose to cash them in. Joyce Factory Direct has the right to change their Joyce Cash Program at any time. If you have any questions, call us at 866.535.2900. Joyce cash has no cash value, cannot be sold or transfered.


Joyce Family & Friends is a 3 level system – the good news, everyone starts in bronze! Bonus, it is super easy to move up to the next level and, we will keep track of your level for you!

Bronze (Everyone starts here)

  • Cash for referrals (basic or current incentive – see below)
  • Joyce Cash
  • Best Benefit Card
  • Special promotional pricing or manufacturer’s pricing on a featured product(s)
  • Quarterly drawing – every referral that receives an estimate gets an entry.  If that referral buys, you get two entries in the month.  Dates based on demonstration and/or sold date.

Silver – you are here after 2 Referrals (sold or not)

  • All of the above – PLUS all of these benefits
    Double Labor Warranty – 2yrs to 4 yrs
  • Referral dollars per referral increase by 50%
  • Joyce Cash Points increase by 50% (see below)
  • Discounted tickets to area events (as available throughout the year)

Gold – you are here after 4 Referrals (sold or not)

  • All of the above – PLUS all of these benefits
  • Referral dollars per referral DOUBLE in cash value
  • Double Joyce Cash Points (see below)
  • Discounted tickets AND to 2 FREE tickets to an area event
  • Special  surprise gift from Joyce


Referral Program for Non-Customers (because we hope one day you’ll be our customer)

Even if you are not a current customer, we appreciate it when you inform us of those who have shown interest. Our Referral Program will help put money back in YOUR pocket when you share our name with friends and family. Here’s how it works:

Each referral that has an in-home demonstration & pricing (no purchase required) receives a gift of $25.00.*

If the party you referred purchases our products and/or services, we will send you an additional gift up to $150.00!^

More, we will give your friend a special discount coupon on all of our products that is in addition to any current coupon or promotion!*

Send us an email with all of your information and all of theirs, including what product they are interested in.  Be sure to include Names, Addresses and Phone Numbers (to verify all info is correct) for both you and your referral.