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Sunroom Window Glass


Since a sunroom is mostly comprised of glass, the windows and the glass are an important role in the energy efficiency of a sunroom.  In Northern Ohio with the winters we experience, having energy efficient windows is a must.

check-mark High performance glass

check-mark Argon gas for improved efficiency

check-mark Tempered glass for safety

A key component to every window is the glass.  In most windows, the glass is the least efficient element making it one of the most important in the overall performance of the window.

LoE³ Ultimate Performance Glass

Joyce uses the best insulating glass in the industry. New high performance LoE³ (366) glass is the latest breakthrough in glass technology. LoE³ is a superior insulated glass that actually has three layers of silver within a 12 layer film on the inside of the glass. The unit is filled with argon gas for even more energy efficiency. Additionally, an Oasis Sunroom has all tempered safety glass for safety and performance.

The material used for the main and sash frames of a window is also very important.  Our sunrooms use vinyl due to its thermal properties, lower maintenance and lower cost for high energy efficiency performance ratings.  As well, it matches the body of the sunroom creating a seamless, cohesive look.


Advantages of Joyce Factory Direct Sunroom Windows and Glass

  • Energy star rated windows to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer
  • LoE3 glass for energy efficiency and UV protection
  • UV protection in the glass to save your flooring and furnishings from sun damage
  • Vinyl construction for minimal maintenance and value


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