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Granite Counter Tops for a Complete Kitchen Upgrade


Granite counter tops are a great way to complete the look of your newly upgraded cabinets.  Granite offers a wide range of colors, are long-lasting and hard-wearing.


Virtually Maintenance Free

Endless Design Options

Favored above many other stone counters, granite counter tops are regarded for their resistance to acids and its inherited hardness. With proper care, your counters will last for many years.

Your granite counter tops are virtually maintenance free. They will need a deep cleaning every once in a while to bring them back to their original condition.  They also may need to be resealed every year or so depending on the stone you have chosen.

One of the best things about granite counter tops is the endless design options.  Nature can produce beautiful natural patterns and colors that can’t be reproduced by man-made products.  From various shades of white to dark, black stone granite offers all colors in between as well.  In addition to the wide scope of colors, there are also an unending amount of patterns.  From veins to speckles to flecking, there is an amazing amount of selection.


Granite Counter Top Advantages from Joyce Factory Direct

  • Wide range of colors and patterns
  • Long lasting and wears well on the day-to-day basis
  • Beauty of natural stone
  • Accurate measuring for installation
  • Expert installers


Granite Counter Top Photo Gallery (here are a few samples)