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Cabinet Door Styles, Colors and Hardware


The fun and sometimes overwhelming part in picking out your new updated kitchen are all the choices in doors, colors and hardware.  With so many choices, the possibilities are endless in creating the perfect style kitchen for any home.  Maybe you like a more traditional white kitchen but looking for farmhouse charm.  Or, you go for the espresso look but like clean and simple lines.

Variety of Door Styles

 Wide Selection of Colors

Choice of Hardware

A popular trend right now in cabinet styling is mixing patterns.  You might select a decorative door panel with a clean, simple drawer front.  Another option would be to use a simplified version of the door on the bottom and an arched door on the top.  Of course, the addition of a glass front to the upper cabinets can be a focal point.  A word of caution on that direction, make sure you have something you want to see (and your relatives to see) going in those cabinets.

In addition to mixing patterns, the mixing of colors or complimentary coloring is popular as well.  The color choices can be bold opposites like a classic black and white kitchen or more subtle with grays and whites.  Like a little more color?  This might be the perfect solution for you!  Consider making an island or “bar” section of cabinetry a fun and unique accent.

Your choice of hardware can make a statement too.  Certainly all three components work together to create just the look you’ve been wanting.  From sleek nickel handles and drawer pulls to bronze detailed hardware, there is a look for every kitchen.